NULM (National Urban Livelihoods Mission)Vision :

To reduce poverty and vulnerability at the Urban Poor households by enabling them to access gainful Self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities, resting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihood on a sustainable basis in an opportunity through building strong grass root level institution of the poor. The mission would aim at providing shelter equipped with essential service to the urban homeless in a phased manner in addition the mission could also address livelihood centers of the urban street vendors by facilitating accessing emerging market opportunity .

Components under NULM :


Self Help Groups and Their Federation NULM envisages mobilization of urban poor households into three tier structure with SHG at the grass root level , ALF at ward level and CLF at the city level. This component based on the foundation at the mobilization of URBAN poor households to form their own households is an important investment for an effective and sustainable poverty eradication programe. Under this component UKM formed near about 300 SHG around 15000 urban poor family are under this programe. Approximately 10 lacs loan already been revolved among theSHGs


2. Employment through Skill Training and Placement. (EST&P) Under NULM We are stated following Training programme.Former SJSRY Scheme we are conducted vocational training of 3500 unemployed youth. 50% of trainees now became self-dependent. Picture showing the product are made by the trainees under employment skill training programme.

Sl no Name of trade No of trainees
1 Beautician 50
2 Tailoring 50
3 Basic Computer 25


SEP-I (Self Employment programme for Individuals)

An urban poor individuals beneficiaries desires of setting up an individual’s micro- enterprise for self-employment can avail benefits of subsidized loans under this components for any bank.


Not below 18 yrs. at the time of applying loan .

Project Cost-

Maximum 2 lakhs Collateral securities: No collateral required.

Pattern of financial Assistance:

Interest subsidy over and above 7% p.a.. rate of interest will be available on a bank loan on setting up of individuals or groups enterprises. The difference between 7% p.a and the prevailing rate of interest will be provided to the banks under NULM. But the condition is depend on timely repayment of loan.

Repayment :

Payment 5 to 7 yrs
Initial moratorium 6 to 18 months .
Interest subsidy
Under SJSRY programme 278 individuals covered under the component. . Rs 93 lacs loan disbursed for individual self-employment programme . They are able to establish their own enterprise and find gainful employment.

3A. Self-Employment Programme – Group (SEP-G)

A Self Help Group (SHG) or members of an SHG constituted under SJSRY/ NULM or a group of urban poor desirous of setting up a group enterprise for self-employment can avail benefit of subsidized loans under this component from any bank. The norms/ specifications for group micro-enterprise loans are as follows 6.1. Eligibility: The group enterprise should have minimum 5 members with a minimum of 70% members from urban poor families. The application/ intent to set up a group enterprise by beneficiaries/ group members should preferably be referred by the community structures viz: SHG/ ALF formed under SJSRY/NULM. 6.2. Age: All members of the group enterprise should have attained an age of 18 years at the time of applying for bank loan. Project Cost (PC): The Maximum unit Project Cost for a group enterprise is Rs 10, 00,000 (Rs Ten Lakhs) 6.4. Loan: Project Cost less the beneficiary contribution (as specified by bank) would be made available as loan amount to the group enterprise by the bank. 6.5. Collateral Guarantee on Bank Loan: No collateral guarantee required. Only the assets created would be hypothecated/ mortgaged/ pledged to banks for advancing loans. Repayment: Repayment schedule ranges from 5 to 7 Years after initial moratorium of 6- 18 months as decided by banks. 27 SHG groups have already been formed under our Municipality. They are found gainful employment in forming the group. Municipality provides hand holding support to sustain the group. Our groups participate in different Fair like Sarash mela, swabala Mela , Vidyasagar Mela and in all fair which are organized Under Uttarpara Municipality .