W A T E R    W O R K S

In the Uttarpara-Kotrung Municipal area, there are 15 Deep Tube wells, 2 Over Head Tanks, 3 Underground reservoirs run by KMWSA and One Water Treatment Plant which supply safe drinking water. More Deep Tube wells, Hand tube wells and street taps are being set up so that citizens may get supply of drinking water easily.

  • New Water Connections ONLY given for Domestic purpose.
  • In order to get new water connection, a citizen must write an application addressed to the Chairman which MUST be recommended by his/her respective Ward Councillor with xerox of the current tax receipt and submit the application in the Receiving Section of the Municipal Office. Thereafter, he/she may contact Chairman – In – Council, Water Works Department for further procedure.
  • Cost of new water connection form = Rs. 100/-
  •  The measurement of ferrule is determined on the basis of annual tax paid by the applicant. The Categories are the following: -
    Amount of Tax paid Measurement of Ferrule Measurement of Stop Cock Amount to be paid
    Rs. 280/- - Rs. 399/- 1/4inch 1/2inch Rs. 1601/-
    Rs. 400/- - Rs. 699/- 3/8 inch 3/4inch Rs. 2001/-
    Above Rs. 700/- 1/2 inch 3/4inch Rs. 2401/-
  • All cost including Municipal Fees, Plumber Charges and cost of materials are to be borne by the applicant.
  • No Water Connection is given in case of vacant land or any Residential/Commercial building without bathroom/toilet.
  • For Repairing of Water pipeline / Repositioning and Cleansing of ferrule-
    1. An applicant must contact a Govt. licensed plumber with an application addressed to the Chairman and Xerox copy of the current tax receipt. The licensed plumber will suggest the measurement of road to be cut for completing the job and the application with the plumber’s suggestion thereafter needs to be recommended by the local ward Councillor.
    2. Henceforth, after all these procedures the applicant will have to contact the In-charge, Water Works Department.
    3. Only after paying the charges required at the Municipal Office, the licensed plumber may take up the work.
    4. All charges including Road cutting and Plumber charges will have to be borne by the applicant only.
    5. The Charges for Road Restoration which are to be paid at the Municipal Office are as follows: -
      Type of Road Charges/Sq. Ft.
      Bituminous Rs. 97/-
      Concrete Rs. 95/-
      Brick Road Double Soling Rs. 74/-
      Brick Road Single Soling Rs. 42/-
      Katcha Rs. 11/-
  • Complaints regarding leakage of water pipeline or damage of street-taps/ hand tubewells must be brought to the local Ward Councillor/ Water Works Department directly or by calling 033-26638494 24X7.

For more information regarding Water Works and any other queries, please contact our Water Works Department at Babughat, Uttarpara, Hooghly.